WeissSock - Traction Device

WeissSock - Traction Device
WeissSock tire socks are the next generation is traction products. Unlike tire chains, grip is provided by an all covering textile surface with no metal parts being used. WeissSock is lightweight and extremely quick and simple to install. Installation is also made easy since there is nothing to adjust, they automatically self center as you drive. Since there is no metal in contact with the road, the WeissSock is totally smooth running with absolutely no vibrations or noise while driving.

• Recommended for all passenger cars and medium size 4 x 4's
• Easy to install and remove
• No tensioning required
• Auto self centering
• Excellent traction on snow covered roads
• Maximum driving comfort with totally smooth running on snow
• Compatable with ABS & Traction Control
• Ideal product to keep in the vehicle as an emergency backup
• Compact carrying bag

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